Friday, September 17, 2010

in fact

Write about 20 "In Fact", on your own secrets, habits, things, hope. These have to relate to yourself. Then tag 20 ppls, MUST tag back to who tagged you. I tagged you, which means I wanna to know more about you...

1. In Fact, I love soft doll so much! even I grew up, I still love them. my untie said this is one of my habits that I couldn't change since young

2. In Fact, I'm a faithful person. especially in commitment with group or couple.

3. In Fact, Korean music will be part of my life, that is where I found my personality and taste

4. In Fact, I Love God so muchh!! with all my HEART and the inside out of my SOUL,and I always want to be with Him. my love forever and never change.

5. In Fact, sometimes I feel stupid an uncomfortable when people talking with mandarin or hokkian or cantonese. even I try to pretend alrite, I still don't like.

6. In Fact,I DO LOVE ALL MY FRIEND. and I want them to be happy! because I believe that If people surround me are happy, I will happy to

7. In Fact, I HATE all my pimples and the scar!! I really want to remove it

8. In Fact, I love guy that ignore me and make me debate with him and in the end I must admit that he is right.

9. In Fact, I want to stay in Australia for at least 2 years, If God has bigger plan for me.

10. In Fact, even though I'm an open minded person.I'm still honour virginity.

11.In Fact, I'm in the commitment of being single in at least 2 years :)

12. In Fact, my first birthday wishes every year is not about me, but about the happiness of people surround me.

14. In Fact, I always sleep with my doggie dolls name bobby since 6 years ago, and I don't want to seperate with him ❤

15. In Fact, If I said that I had crush on someone, I really have something for them, It does feel painful somehow although I said no.

16. In Fact, My father passed away since I was 8. If you heard I have papa, that is my uncles

17. In Fact, Orange and Purple are my fav colours.

18. In Fact, I was a basketball captain when I was in secondary school, and stop because I join choir in High school.

19. In Fact, I was fell in love with my girlfriend, once. :P

20. In Fact, I love to do RANDOM things.

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