Monday, February 4, 2013

bed rest

hello loocco mocco tocco
this is the sixth day i was sick, they said it was dengue.
wow it was so long since i had it last time, quite dramatized i remember...broken hearth? ehemmm

the doctor was pretty good and handsome too, so i don't mind when he ask me to put needle on my back..first time. however he still 27 and single  hahahah
anyway my trobosit dramaically decrease...the standart is 150-440 and mine was
90   83   69
whenever i walking more than 20 sencond i feel like i want to faint, my head pain
all the yummy food tasted yakkie, and the yakkie food taste yummy

anyway, i though bed rest at home is a good idea because mom doesnt have to pay more for hospital, but i forgot that i need someone to taking care of me, which littarelaly.. NONE!
even my mom doesnt care about me!
and when i cried! heyyy she changes... only one day :(
tha day after she forget about me, tada

im trying to get my self better and better everyday, but sorry to say i think is even worst
now my hand starting to appear red dot, in the legs area as well... eventhough my appetite has started to raise, that is why im going to eat alot alot alot

Yesterday I was surprised with 2 univited guest from surabaya who came to my home
the said his name is fady? and i was like who is that? just let them in and let them se my condition
and surpriseeeeee...i was DION AND TITI
oh so sweeeettttttt *HUG
best boyfriend ever.. i really thank God that he still giving his time, even i know he is busy, going through far, to look at my condition. really appreciated sayang, you are my spirit :)

anyway.. im going to rest now.. getting bored at home. but i need to get used to it :)

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