Friday, February 15, 2013

happy born day notty

after waiting for so long... Im introduce you...


eventhough she is not the newest technology, but when the first time i saw her, i want her soo much
and now I got it for my Chinese new year present, since I need to bed rest for the rest of the day

the condition was really smooth and look like new..
ooppss.. i haven't told you, she wasn't new... I got second hand from a person i knew in the internet.
which after a while, he told us that he is a doctor. LOLx..
honestly, doesn;t look like one..haha
but he look smart, and gadget maniac

anyway, I got it for 4,350,000 rupiah, the new one was 5,2 that day...
still have guarantee untill september. and condition real good.

so, quick we go to WTC to make over notty,
there is one interesting story...
So, i want to give notty a simple case, the slim case, because the other side of case is the back cover of the notty's battery, so actually we need to take out the original and place it with the case, so notty will look slimer and simple
not expensive, just 125,000 rupiah
I found my! but guess... we cannot find any replica case which can fit nicely with notty.
its a cliche.. we need to buy the original to fix with notty
so after changing linke 18 times, finally we left the shop and move to other shop
there was one original case.. orange.. fit nicely..but 250,000 rupiah
but titi said to me, indrectly not to give up and find other shop.

so we came to one samsung shop, and we found orange case with 200,000 rpiah...
titi wasn't give up.. he talk and bargain very smooth with the owner... it drops till 180,000!
i got case for notty, with a good price... very clever boy

special thanks for titi fandy, helping me to get this little friend.. and with passion,

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