Monday, July 25, 2011

fav activity

Hey Yo!
what are you doing in Saturday night?

normally people spending their saturday night with dating or hang out with friends, that is basically what we do in the different ways.
I, normally have a quality time with Icha and Reggie, drive all the way to om Johnny's House. spending time with him and Tante Lina,having dinner continue with watching our favourite show, Last Choir Standing which really made our night.

What makes this show really ourstanding?

these days, many Tv shows are about competition, makes choir as a one great choice.
since there are many of them and it seems difficult to manage in the studio, not many Television channel brave enough to broadcast it.
but in UK, it's already begin... with Last Choir Standing.
is really fenomenal for me, since I was growing with choir team as i move around, this shows really inspired me, fenomenal
besides, there are many emotional involve behind it, since it is a competition, for sure we wants our fav team win.
Sadly this shows come to the end, In Australia last week was the grand final, and the winner is fantastic, one of my fav choir team. ONLY MEN ALOUD.

Why I love them?
first, maybe because they all are man, middle ages, and most of them really, REALLY good looking! they know how to sing, perform, and steal audience heart! damn!

So let's see, do they will steal your heart as well??

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